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Next time??

 Next time?

Another great Fruci Fit Event the other day. 

Amazing to see so many of the ladies there.

Not just because it’s fun to workout together, but all the camaraderie and friendships that go with this.

Can’t wait for the next one already 🌞😃

It really does provide a different element to Fruci Fit.

Going from our usual small group and one to one sessions to bringing everyone together. 

Like minded ladies on the same mission 

Looking to be the best version of themselves.

Supporting each other

Helping each other

Whether someone has been with us years or days 

Everyone gets it.

What it’s like to be scared to come to a workout..

Worried you’ll be too unfit 

There won’t be alternatives for you to do..

And it’s always our favourite part (as coaches) when we see people do things that they never thought they would ever be able to do 😃

Here’s some highlights

And if you want to join us in the Summer Shape Up?

Message me with “summer” and I’ll be in touch