My FitBit Told Me To Eat It…

Believe it or not, but as much as I talk a good game, I only hit around 5000 steps a day…

And that’s WITH conscious decisions to walk more and park further away.

Either way, the fact my phone tells me how much I haven’t moved motivates me to move more…​

Which is great :-)​​

But how much should you trust your FitBit & calorie counters when it comes to exercise & weight loss?

You see, many of the ladies I work with have been previously been told by an app or their FitBit that they should lose ‘x’ amount of weight in 10 weeks…​​

Only to be left confused and frustrated…​​​​when it doesn’t happen.

“Is it me?”

“It it my metabolism?​​​​”

So what’s going on?

​​Well, ​​something that I don’t think helps with developing a positive relationship with food is being told you can eat more if you’ve walked a bit more or done some exercise..

I mean, it’s true that you’ll burn some more calories, which is great…

But your body is pretty clever at compensating for these extra few hundred calories…

You might subconsciously fidget less after exercise…

Not move around as much.

You might just eat more than you think…even if they are ‘healthy’ foods.​​

Either way, walking a bit more to justify a few extra calories doesn’t really work…​​

and that time & consistency with what you’re doing will tell you MORE..

Just consider this:

1* They’re based on “averages” and could be up to 45% out…

2* You could burn over 100 calories LESS during the Follicular phase than the Luteal phase of your menstrual cycle

3* You didn’t sleep well – just one poor nights sleep can reduce how many calories you burn by 5-20%

4* Those with a certain good bacteria in their guts can burn up to 150 calories more per day (luckily, this can be changed through your eating habits )

5* Could your “tablespoon” of olive oil be more like 2 tablespoons of olive oil? Or as is the case with my beloved peanut butter, could your tablespoon be heaped and actually more like 2 tablespoons? Either of these done daily for a year could add up to 10lbs extra in a year….

6* Your body might be becoming more efficient to the exercise you’re doing…put simply, I burn a lot of calories when I swim because I’m rubbish at it…when you get better and fitter, you’re generally more efficient! My advice here? Make sure you’re progressing, be it through time, intensity, steps, hills etc. Let’s face it, humans are happiest when they progress anyway! 

And it’s for all these reasons that I like to shift your focus to things you really can control.

​​My tracker certainly helps me move more and this can only be a good thing.

But when it comes to obsessing over how much you should lose based on this? I’d say the stress of worrying about this is hampering your fat loss… 

Which is why we use our Fitness, Food, and Focus system to help you track your progress. 

1 point for hitting your food
1 point for hitting your fitness
1 point for you focus (taking time for you…me time…headspace app..)​​

You see, this way you know whether you’ve done the things you need to do to get the things you say you want. 

In other words, it helps you separate the FACTS from the FEELINGS and makes it a very simple question:

Did you do the things you know you need to do today?

And I’ve booked these things down into 8 tasks in our Pre Christmas Slimdown programme.​​​​​​


PS. Whenever you’re ready, here’s 2 ways I can help you think differently about food. diet, and exercise so you can stop relying on ‘willpower’:

1– Try this 5 minute home workout to create ENERGY, start toning up and start your day off on a positive foot:


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This is ONE daily task (which takes about 5-10 minutes) sent to you every day so you can aim to be 1% better today.

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