Which ‘milk’ is the best?

Once upon a time, getting your staple bread and milk was easy…

Nowadays, even for a Registered Nutritionist, it’s pretty damn confusing…

I spoke about bread the other day here. But today, it’s milks turn…

Skimmed, 1%, semi – skimmed, blue milk…and my favourite – Gold Top 🙂

Not to mention..

The dairy free options: roasted and unroasted Almond, coconut, rice, hemp, oat, soya, pea, cashew, hazelnut.

^^^ which is a good thing as it means those who have allergies have more choice

It’s no wonder you rarely see milkman anymore. Can you imagine the size of their TRUCK?​​​

But with this influx of dairy free milks…it seems to have led some of us to believe that diary milk is ‘bad’ for everyone…

And that these ‘plant’ based milks are ‘better for you’.

If you want the ‘ins and outs’, I spoke about this over here in a bit more detail:

​Which milk do you drink?

Matt ‘​​​​​milkman’ Fruci
The Nutrition And Training System Helping Busy Ladies Ditch The Fad Diets For Good And Get Their Bodies Back!

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