Message from Rosie

“Can recommend this for anyone who is stuck weight wise…but don’t wait till next summer.

I now have all the tools, knowledge, and motivation to get moving, eat properly, and in a nourishing way to optimise my health and fitness for me and my lifestyle.

Thank you Matt…I am on my way!”

Now, I’ve only known Rosie for 5 days…

And this isn’t one of those quick fixes.

But here’s the difference:

* We’ve cut through the fluffy stuff that makes next to no difference (Yep, including whether you eat your last meal of the day at 6pm or 930pm…)

* We’ve focussed on the stuff that will allow Rosie to see the BIGGEST changes in how she feels and how she looks for the SMALLEST amount of effort.


We’re focussing on the stuff that MATTERS MOST…

^^^ Lifestyle and overall intake of the nutrients she needs!

And making sure that this STUFF…

Doesn’t mean she misses out on the things she enjoys


Spending time with her new grandchild (congratulations, again!!)

Because here’s the thing…

* Worrying what time you should eat so you don’t ‘store more fat around the jelly belly’

* Wondering whether you should eat porridge with honey or Weetabix?

* Feeling guilty (or even avoiding) going out to dinner with friends and family because you may be ‘tempted by the ice cream’ and dread ‘breaking the scales’ the next day…

* Wondering why you can’t lose weight and asking the questions: ‘is it me? Am I different?’

* Constantly craving (and chasing) your sugar-fix (3:23pm and 9:05pm, right?) and blaming your ‘lack of willpower’

* Feeling bloated, lethargic, and sleepy for ‘no reason’…

Could be because you’re ‘sweating the small stuff’…

Running around so fast…

Listening to so many voices

^^^ ‘Syns’, ‘Davina’, ‘points’, ‘No carbs before Marbs’, ‘juices’, ‘fat burning teas’…

That you’re forgetting that you have to crawl, stand, walk, run, climb, and dance (after a few vinos…) before you can fly (unless you’re on the same stuff those Olympians are on…)

And overlooking the stuff that puts you in control of your 323pm sugar cravings so you can lose weight and actually keep it off (once and for all).


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