Did you see how toned she was?

Said the wife whilst watching the gymnastics (which were amazing by the way!)

I – ignorantly and jokingly – responded with:


“Can’t be. She’s an Olympic athlete. They’ll be tested all of the time”

^^^ the wife’s naive – in my honest opinion – response

Now, I hope…

That the wife is right, here 

^^^ And she usually is. I’m not just saying that, either. After all, she doesn’t read these. She’s fed up with me banging on about food and stuff as it is (few can blame her, either…)

I hope that most of them are ‘clean’, hard working and gifted athletes.

And that it’s just a case of a few of them spoiling it for the rest…

BUT…how do we actually know who’s clean?

I mean, I occasionally pick up some of the magazines my wife reads (when I take out the recycling…under the thumb, I know!)


Just flick through them in the supermarket

And you see things like:

‘How she lost 50 lbs in 40 days’

Next to a picture of an airbrushed mum in a bikini with her new-born smiling and in her perfectly sculpted, smooth arms…

Now, the clues are probably in the picture.


A mum with no bags under her eyes…

And this stuff plays with our expectations. 

We then think that we SHOULD lose 50 lbs in 40 days, too (and this may actually be right for you)

But we forget about the after-after plan…

Forget that eating dry chicken and lettuce with a SUPER spinach smoothie everyday probably isn’t sustainable

^^^ Especially with a baby to look after…

We forget that even most of the Apps on our phones make us look completely different 

^^^ Yep, I’m guilty of using a filter – or two – when snapped at social events…I usually pick one to really bring out the colour of my eyes!

And we end up feeling like a failure.

Like we’re different because it ‘didn’t worked for me’

Blaming willpower.

So we give up…

Which perhaps explains why 1/3 of us put more weight back on after going on a diet!

^^^ Read that again!

And it’s why I want you to get clear on what you want and WHY so you can stop wasting time doing things that probably wont give you what you want and make you happy…

TASK for you (and me):

1) What HAS to have happened in 12 months time for you to be satisfied with your progress – with your body, confidence, work / family balance etc?

2) Why is this important to you?

Will it make you happy?

What do YOU really want?

3) What do you need to do? What do you need help overcoming?

4) Why would you fail and not get what you want? What are you scared of?

Because when we write things down. 

You start to see exactly what’s REAL and what’s FAKE (or just made up in our heads)

You start to understand the exact areas that you need to focus on to get what you want.

Be it with your body, confidence, and / or work and family balance so you can actually focus on the stuff that will make you happy!

Just like Rosie.

Speak soon,

Matt ‘110% unfiltered’ Fruci

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