Message from Charlotte

Got a message yesterday from Fit For Life Body Transformation member, Charlotte.

And I must say...

Even I was a little surprised by this:

“Sorry but I am so excited. Weighed 73.3kgs this morning best for years”

Why the surprise?

Well, apart from the fact when I saw the words 'sorry but' I thought I was going to get told off...

There’s 3 things that make Charlotte’s results even better:

1) Charlotte is only 4 weeks in (and this is isn’t no quick-fix)

2) The physio has been cancelled <<< strengthening your muscles safely and effectively can help you overcome aches and pains that make everyday tasks a chore…

3) It’s all been done WITHOUT giving up Prosecco, wine…and Haribo!

The best part?

Imagine where Charlotte will be in another 4-weeks time?

Imagine when Charlotte has been consistently getting stronger and fitter and fine-tuning the nutrition?

Exciting times.

Gone are the days of ‘I think I eat well, but…’

No more stressing about ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ foods (because I simply can’t give you a short answer apart from saying 'context is KEY')..

Just a bespoke nutrition and exercise programme that you gets you toned, strong, and back into your favourite clothes.

Speak soon,


PS. The sweet potato pancakes sound like they went down well. If you haven’t tried them yet, check them out here:

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