(menopause) following on from yesterday 

Following in from my post yesterday 

Wanted to share a few more takehomes from the conference over the weekend 

Some really great points this weekend and I actually think the best part? Is how much it reiterated what we do at Fruci Fit is very much evidenced based 😀

My key takehomes

—> there’s less room for error for women around menopause so they need to double down on the things we know work such as protein every meal like we suggest in the meal maker in kickstart book (page 4) with palm sized protein, fist sized carb, as many veggies as possible 

—> key to get a good bolus of protein at each meal (demands are higher as we age), aim for at least  1.2g of protein per KG of body weight THEN if you can aim for 0.4 – 0.6g of protein per kg of body weight per meal (which will pretty much be a hand size of protein)

—> Long fasts are not recommended during menopause. Key for context however. Eg someone might say they’re fasting but actually stop eating at 7pm and start again at 9am, that’s 14 hour fast but nothing drastic. If they’re quite sedentary eg office job,  will this help them manage calories ?

—> key to get balance at meals with carbs and protein (meal maker page 4 kickstart book, simple but seems to work)

—> if you have cravings during luteal phase, plan in EXTRA 2-12% of calories around this time of the month (you’ll also be burning more calories) . Plan the foods you crave in eg in the meal maker in the kickstart book we say 300 calories of any foods you like. This is a useful go to 

—> resistance exercise is important 

—> if you’re doing 1.5 hours plus exercise ensure you’re fuelled with carbs and protein 

—> heart rate may be higher during luteal phase. So may need to adjust intensity or consider this when using heart rate zones in training during this phase 

 —> creatine and caffeine will help performance 😀

—> magnesium, vitamin D worth taking 

—> if you’re not doing the government guidelines of exercise (150 minutes steady or 75 minutes vigorous plus 2 x strength training) don’t overthink it and just get as close to this first 

—> Keep up to date the NICE guidelines 

—> a 3 course meal can still leave you feeling hungry 

There are more 

And a great quote was 

“Treat women as individuals not statistics”

Like I said, 

It’s really great to see that what we do at Fruci Fit 

Is aligning with what the evidence is showing 

Pre, peri and post menopause 

And these are all things we consider when working with you inside our next 21 Day Pre Christmas Kickstart which begins on Monday 

Message me with “Pre Christmas Kickstart”

And I’ll get you the details 

Matt “Christmas” Fruci

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