Lying to yourself

Something I realised the other day was that I’m actually full of cr*p 💩

You see, I used to have the biggest fear of public speaking.

I’d go red in the face. Mouth dry. Clammy hands. I’d want the world to swallow me up. I’d even phone in sick for presentations at university.

All because I thought others would be thinking that I looked silly.

Wasn’t smart enough.

But you know the funny thing?

I don’t know much more about this fitness, health and dieting stuff now than I did when I was at university..

Yet, I’m now helping tons of ladies Tone Up

And I’ve recently been asked back to guest lecture at Oxford Brookes University and even educate GPs on diabetes, diet and lifestyle.

All because I stopped believing the “stories” about how I wasn’t good enough.

And it reminded me of that it’s actually not a lack of knowledge that stops you getting the health, fitness and body you want

But simply the stories and beliefs you tell yourself.

That might make you feel better in the short term…

But do no nothing for you long term.

So, what stories are holding you back and stopping you from getting the fitness, energy, health, and body you want?

It’s why a big part of my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System gets you thinking differently about this diet and toning up stuff

So you can build a healthy eating plan that fits your lifestyle, keep the weight off for good and feel more confident in your clothes.

And it just so happens that my mission this January is to help as many ladies as possible stick to their New Years Resolutions.

So I’m giving away 5 trial packages

To claim yours, click the link below:

Matt “full of 💩 “ Fruci


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