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Lessons from Gill (5 weeks in)

I got this message from Gill last week

And I wanted to share it today 

Because – well – it’s Monday

And you may be starting something AGAIN…

Hoping this time will be different. 

“I will be consistent this time”

^^ we promise ourselves.

A few weeks pass

And that tiny, little voice comes out:

“Just finish it off”

“You’ve done so well, you can eat everything now”

“You’re stressed, you’ve had a long a day, eat and drink to feel better”

“you’re not motivated anymore so you can’t exercise today”

“you must be the only lazy person in the world. Why can’t you do this?”

“you’re doing all of this and not seeing the results, is it really worth carrying on?”

Now, here’s the interesting part:

These little voices / thoughts


It’s not just you. 

We all got them.. or similar, of course. 

Self doubt

Lack of confidence 

Comparing the past to now << assuming that because you failed before you will fail again 

^^ bit like telling a kid if they struggle to read today, they’ll never be able to read and they’ll never be a success and never get a job…. Hmmmmmm would you say that to a kid?

So anyway, Gill had those questions creeping in about whether it was ‘working’.

She was feeling better, but with minimal weight loss, felt like it wasn’t working

^^ REMEMBER there is soooo much more being fit and healthy than just weight loss >>> something I am trying to share with all of the diet clubs putting pretty much all of the emphasis on a weekly weigh in…

Gill could have given up, 

But she stuck to it, RIGIDLY…

Here’s what she said:


What a triumphant end to my week 5 ! 

Despite a couple of weeks of only minimal weight loss l still stuck rigidly with the plan, firmly believing that l AM on the right journey because l was feeling so different despite the number on the scales!

After another successful week of improving, l’ve upped my exercise to every day, did my very first cardio, all 3 outdoor sessions with Julie, increased my water intake, reduced my snacking and tracked all my food. 

It’s all certainly paid dividends on my weekly weigh in today and my waiting patiently for the Whoosh paid off . 5lbs lost this week!!!  Whoooo hoo whoosh!

Well done, Gill.

Upper her exercise, kept going, increased water, did her first cardio workout (live workout from home) attended 3 of our outside workouts, and took control of her snacking .

Small habits, compound effect.

Yes, this seems hard.

But what’s the alternative?

Is the opposite harder?

Doing nothing?

Staying the same?

Settling for ‘it is what it is”….

Whether that’s being frustrated with clothes not fitting..

Not having the fitness to do what you want to do, whether that’s the walk and views you want to do and see

Or playing with the kids / grandkids..

And on that note, something I do to help me squash that thought is this:

If my 10 year old self looked forward to now, would I be excited for now? 

If not, what would make me feel excited? 

As the say goes:

“Sometimes a teacher, ALWAYS a student”


Question your thoughts as much as you can..

As they’re only true if you choose to believe them ..

And then it comes down to:

What do you need to believe to get the results you want with how you want to look and feel?

Matt ‘student’ Fruci