Less than 20% finish these diet and weight loss programmes…

The health and fitness industry is actually failing you. 

And something I mentioned in my free live online training I did for you (which you can watch here), was that I was actually part of the problem.

In that, some of the ladies would say to me:

"I'll come and see you once I'm fitter'

"I''ll need to lose some weight before I work with you'

"I don't want to go to a gym'

Which made me question things.

My 'job' is to help you feel fit again, make this healthy eating stuff a way of life rather than a time consuming chore on top of the stress of everything else, and enjoy feeling confident in the clothes you actually like.

YET, just like Vikki mentioned to me before losing over 10kg (check out her transformation here), you might have this perception that you have to leave the workout dripping with sweat and feeling tired...(risking injury in the process...which doesn't do anyone any good in terms of keeping the weight off!!)

All I have to say is this:

It’s easy to feel that it’s just you sometimes when you can’t do something 100%. Like maybe you’re not good enough. But here’s the thing..

On average, of the people who buy these diet and exercise books, only 20% ever finish them!!

Of the fitness ebooks bought on kindle?

60% are NEVER opened!

Less than 1% actually DO anything with the information!


Why am I telling you this?

Because if you are doing something

You’re actually in the "less than 1%" crew 

And remember, 100% adherence to everything is impossible!

But imagine if you were even 80% on track every week?

Lost 1-3lbs of FAT a week for the next 8 weeks?

^^^ That's up to 24lbs of fat off in 8 weeks...if my Maths is correct

Well, that's what my Sexy in 60 Slim Down Programme helps you do, so you can make this healthy eating and toning up stuff a way of life.

If you think this is for you and you want to drop some weight in the next 8 weeks (and have some fun doing it)?

My Sexy in 60 Days Slim Down Programme Closes tomorrow evening at 10pm.

To learn more, go here:


Speak soon,


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