It caused an “earthquake”…

It caused an "earthquake"...

5 points clear at the top of the Premier League...

Newcastle and Sunderland to play in their next 4 games (I know there's no easy games...)

Mahrez and Jamie Vardy proving themselves at the highest level... 

The Leicester City fans causing an "earthquake"​ (measured by geology students) after Ulloa scored an 89th minute winner against Norwich last month (it's been named the Vardy Quake)


A little nervousness creeping in perhaps?

Mahrez and his hamstring? "just tired" apparently.

A Leicester fan cashing out on £72k​ when he could've won £500k if they do win the league? (I don't blame him at all by the way)

United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton still to play...

​Is it over yet?

​All it takes sometimes is ONE defeat and the wheels come off...

​And just like your attempt at ditching the love's over!

Or at least YOU think it is. <<<< BIG DIFFERENCE

You see, my client Paul would once see something like pizza as a "bad" food that should ALWAYS be avoided.

^^^ And I thought this too...before I looked up the word "CONTEXT" in the dictionary!

^^^ and there's your answer right there. 

​If you balance your food intakes AKA have a nutrition strategy for the day / week / month...almost like you're give a pot of money to spend...and you also have a progressive resistance training programme that focuses on PROGRESSION and NOT WASTING TIME (just like I teach in the Lean For Life Fat Loss Programme)...

You can have some PIZZA and STILL lose your gut!

​But isn't pizza bad?

​Pizza is high in calories. But theres not "bad" foods...only "bad" diets. It depends on the context of the whole diet.


​You can restrict restrict and restrict your favourite foods all you want but at some point you're going to come across it and probably eat your body weights worth!


Which is pretty awful relationship to have food....​

Thinking back to when I would have a blowout once per week reminds me of my labrador scoffing down her dinner in a record 0.43 milliseconds...​


You can incorporate the foods you enjoy into your NUTRITION STRATEGY

Just like I do and the rest of my clients do. 

Because you CAN enjoy life, have a few beers, eat out AND DITCH the love handles. 

You just have to be flexible with your daily intake just like I do with my beloved curry nights....

Perhaps I'll choose more filling options at breakfast and lunch so that I eat less earlier in the porridge for breakfast and a good portion of meat, veggies, and potato at lunch...whatever.

I've already tracked what I'm having at the curry house and it's within my plan!

So rather than cause an "earthquake", get stressed, cash out on your battle to ditch the love handles and bottle the title...

Think that you're a failure...

​That it's "too hard"

because you don't want to give up your favourite foods..

You learn to be flexible with your nutrition. No more dieting. You have a strategy, just like I explain in The Lean For Life Starter Kit.

And just like can get your nutrition strategy RIGHT and feel less bloated even after 1 week!...just from hitting his targets!

Speak soon,


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