Can I choose where I lose my fat from?

Can I choose where I lose my fat from?

I was doing 50 sit up, 50 leg raises, planks YOU NAME IT...all to help shed the fat from the stomach and get those abs rippling for my summer holiday.

​The magazines said to do some of my heroes on the front cover said they did this too.


​Little did I know that they were also:

  • Tracking their food intake...
  • Eating sufficient protein to increase muscle mass...
  • Progressing with their training and getting stronger over time
  • Lifted weights CONSISTENTLY - long enough to fill their T shirts with muscles and actually look better with a higher body fat level than you think!

​So can we choose where we lose our body fat from?

Short answer...NO...But there is a BUT...

It generally depends on genetics...​so yes you can probably blame your parents for that "blocky waist"...but  I wouldn't go as far as blaming them for not being able to see your toes...

​There is some good news for us guys though...although we tend to store more fat around the midsection, when we shed fat we generally lose more of it from our stomach area compared to females.

So here's the "BUT':

We may not be able to choose where we lose fat...BUT we can choose where we build muscle to helps us create that "illusion" that we have lost more fat from a body part than we actually have...


You want to ditch the love handles right?

Well build the muscle in your back and shoulders to make you look wider. This will give the "illusion" that your waist is smaller.

You see, building muscle will make you look LEANER!!!​ Simple as that. 

So lose fat the right way, get lifting weights and GET STRONGER...

Speak soon,


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