Is this too much protein? 

Protein has kind of made a comeback since the days of Atkins…

Especially with so much focus on

→ Quality of life

→ Muscle loss as we age 

→ Independence  

→ The impact on muscle loss during disease 

→ It’s metabolic effect and the calories you burn digesting and absorbing it

→ It’s impact on hunger

→ It’s impact on cravings, especially during menstrual cycle 

→ How it could help muscle loss as age 

And not mention the transition into menopause and post menopause 

^^ as we discussed last week, which if you’d like access to reply with “menopause”

But a question I had last week was 

“Is this too much protein”?

Referring to a picture of their meal from a BBQ 

And looking at it,

You might think “that’s a lot of food” 

But when you consider what happens after you eat a bigger meal containing a decent amount of protein ?  

What if eating more in your meal actually meant you 

✅ ate fewer calories 

✅ ate fewer snacky foods which didn’t fill you up?

Over time

You’ll probably get better results 

but like with all of this…

It’s the consistency that counts .

Which is what we get you to do inside our 28 Day Kickstart 

Specifically for women 40+, 50+ and 60+ 

Who pretty much know what to do to tone up and improve their mobility    

But need the plan and accountability to do it..

Message me with “kickstart” and I’ll get you the details 

Matt “too much?” Fruci

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