Is it vain to want to feel and look better about yourself?

I was in two minds to talk about this with you today. And the fact I was in 2 minds about what I’m about to share with you pretty much sums up why I SHOULD share this with you.

Because I’m a little worried that if one person is thinking it, you and others are, too…

You see, I was chatting to one of the ladies who’s just started her body transformation programme with me on Monday.

I asked her what ONE area she wants to improve the most. To which she replied:

“I know this might sound a bit vain, but I just want to fit back into a dress I have and feel fit and healthy.

​​I want to feel confident again and get me back.

​​I’ve being doing everything for everyone else for the past 20 years and want to do this for me more than anything. To prove I can do it”

Now, I just wanted to ask you whether you think it’s vain to want to look good and feel good about yourself?

I mean,  you should love yourself no matter what. Because if you can’t? Well, you’re probably going to treat yourself like $#*!, be it through binging on food and alcohol or simply talking yourself down and beating yourself up for the ONE thing you didn’t do right that day (even though you managed to do 9 things right that day…)

^^^ this type of thinking will probably lead to you feeling rubbish about yourself, regardless of whether you’re super fit, trim and toned or overweight. 

I mean, no one can really argue that it feels good to get compliments from friends and family about how good you look, fitting into nice clothes, and having more energy to do the things in life that you want to do

(a bit like one of the ladies I work with who went skiing again for the first time in years and couldn’t believe how she kept up with her ‘babies’ <<< who are now in their 20s haha)

But it’s not just about how you feel and look. It’s also about health, right? 

As the saying goes:

‘he who has their health has 1000 wishes, he who doesn’t has just 1 wish’

And when I do some education talks to patients who have just been diagnosed by their GPs with Type 2 Diabetes, they nearly always just wish that they’d been told about the potential side effects earlier, not to mention the hassle of taking medication and – in some cases – injecting 2-3 times a day. 

But the good news is that if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got…

and what I mean is that I tell them that the reason it looks so gloomy when you look at the stats is because not many people get the nutrition and fitness advice they need to do something differently to get the transformational results they want…

I’m not saying you can “cure it”…but in some cases you can put it in ‘remission’ through exercise and diet…

And – just like I say to them – just start today.

Shift ONE step in the right direction, no matter how small.

That’s all I – as a nutritionist and practitioner – aim to help you do.

And if you want more motivation and accountability to help you do this?

You can get 8-Days free access to our Pre Christmas Slimdown Transformation by clicking below:

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It’s designed to get you set up for January so you’re not overwhelmed, worried about what and when is good to eat, and makes motivation EASY as you know what to do, be it with simple home workouts, with me, and with your food plan 🙂

All you need to do is a small, simple task each day which will take about 5-10 minutes to get you on your way to feeling and looking better without having to say NO to pigs in blankets 😉 (I love them, too)

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