Is feeling better about yourself ‘mad’?

“What have you been doing? You’re looking well” she asked

Doing short exercise sessions and preparing some food to stop me picking in the afternoon and after dinner”

“You must be mad”, she responded 

This is the conversation that one of the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme had with a friend of hers. 

She’s lowered blood sugar levels, can feel her clothes getting looser, feels more toned, feels better about herself, is fitter and has more energy despite working shifts and having knee problems.


In today’s world where it almost seems selfish to do anything for YOU…looking after YOU..

^^^ which without means nothing else actually matters…

This is mad?

And I find it interesting that ladies come to me and say something like:

‘this might sound a bit vein, but I just want to look good and feel confident in myself. Wear nice clothes. Feel more confident i the bedroom”

Because I get that you should love yourself. But since when has it become ‘wrong’ to want to look after yourself? Feel good? Be better?

Because actually, if you feel good, what happens?

* You’re probably more patient and better to be around (which is probably good for your social life and relationships <<< pretty important for your wellbeing, right)

* You have more energy 

* You’re more productive which means you have more time to do the things you love to do in this little thing we like to take seriously called life

* And you’ll probably make better, more informed decisions about your food and exercise habits…

All leading to you being healthier, feeling more confident and – dare I say – probably be happier and content (and not necessarily BECAUSE you lose weight and tone up…but in spite of. Through the journey and through learning more about YOU)

After all, there’s a saying that goes:

“he / she who has their health has 1000 dreams, he / she who doesn’t has just 1″

Which – if I’m on honest – is kind of scary. But in a good way to me. It helps me things into perspective.

So I can give myself PERMISSION to actually look after myself.

As you’ll probably agree, you’re no good to anyone without your health, right?

So, here’s 3 simple ways to put yourself first, get more energy and allow yourself to serve others better:

1) Move more (walk, run, squat up and down, stand on one leg whilst brushing your teeth…no matter how small, it’s doing you some good)

2) Drink a glass of water BEFORE every meal TODAY (the simplest piece of advice for the biggest return on investment in my biased opinion)

3) Take 5 minutes on the app Headspace or read a book for 5 minutes <<< Hard to do as your mind will probably say ‘I could get the washing done and answer some emails in that time..’ but just try it…

But I get that it’s harder said than done. The DOING is what holds you back, right? It’s clearly not more information you need. In fact, information overload is another thing altogether.

So, if you want a simple food and fitness plan fit for your lifestyle, support from like minded ladies and accountability that -almost- feels like you have a motivational speaker giving you a polite kick up the bum each day to get you doing the things you know you need to do to get the things you want?

Then you may be interested in the 7-Day free trial on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme starting on MONDAY…

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