10 things worse for you than potatoes 🥔

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So, if you combine the BBC documentary on carbs last week and the Daily Mail’s ‘potatoes fuel obesity’ headline yesterday, it’s safe to say that it’s easy to see why it’s confusing for you.

Did you hear about it?

Basically, it caused a little bit of confusion with ‘sugar’ and potatoes <<< by saying a potato contains 19 tsps of sugar (which is more than a coke) BUT failing to say that this has ZERO relevance to obesity in the context of OVERALL CALORIES…

And given that many of the ladies I work with often have some kind of fear around carbs and ‘white’ carbs, particularly, I’m not sure how beneficial this documentary was.

Long story, short (which is very rare for me), potatoes have actually been shown to be the most filling food you can eat..

But I’m just going to put things into perspective today.

As I think they can get a bit carried away and dogmatic with this diet stuff which probably does more harm for us by stressing us out

So here’s 10 things more dangerous than white potatoes:

1) Driving a car

2) Not drinking enough water

3) Getting enough sleep

4) Spending too much time on Facebook

5) Not making time for coffee with friends and losing contact with friends and family

6) Taking things personally

7) Striving for perfection..all of the time

8) Believing everything you think

9) Eating a packet of biscuits

10) Not getting outside

I could go on…

But my point is that this health and fitness stuff is MORE than just ‘eat less sugar’. It’s more than just WEIGHT LOSS.

Which is why break it down into 3 areas in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme:

1) Food – did you hit your food targets I set you?

2) Fitness – Did you move today? Hit your steps? Do a 5 minute workout?

3) Focus – did you take 5 minutes for you? Do something fun? Deep breathing? Use the app ‘headspace’?

Because whether you eat white potatoes or not?

if you take care of those 3 things, you’ll lose the weight you want to get rid of, feel fitter and energised again,  and be back in your old tight fitted jeans again. 

​​And this is what we give you the tools to achieve in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme ​
Matt ‘sugar, sugar’ Fruci

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