Is a vegan diet the best?

More and more ladies are asking me whether vegetarian or vegan diets are the best and how they might go about doing this.

Now, I’m not vegan. But, as I found myself writing about the same nutritional considerations that you may need to consider, I teamed up with a few others to bring you my Vegan Nutrition Book.

The funny thing?

I didn't bother promoting it after a few ladies thought I was 'the vegan guy' so didn't bother working with me (which is crazy as I'm not actually vegan).

But after I put it out there to the ladies using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System, I was overwhelmed with their response. Even though only a handful of the ladies are vegan, about 80% of them wanted a copy of my vegan nutrition book. 

And for me?

Nutrition is not religion. I don't get why we have to define ourselves by a 'diet' we follow..

Anyway, this isn't JUST a Nutrition eBook, though, because we know that information doesn't = transformation... 

Here's what you get to keep you accountable:

* 100 recipes, from Butternut Lasagna and Thai Green Chickpea curry to No bake cookies to make food fun (even if you're not vegan like me, you can simple add in some meat / fish)

* My 10 Tone Up Principles that I go by and use with the ladies I work with to help them build a healthy and sustainable nutrition and fitness plan (whether they are vegan or not)

* Potential nutrient deificenies you may want to be aware of and how to fix them

* 7-Days access to my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System, which includes:

- Simple Home Fit Workouts you can do whenever, wherever, in as little as 5 minutes.

- Access to up to 3 ladies only 45 minute workouts with me in Marlborough

- A one to one strategy meeting with me where we’ll go over a healthy fitness and nutrition strategy that fits your lifestyle and gets you to your goals

- 7-Days access to a private support group to keep you accountable and give you the support you need to kickstart your fitness

All for just £6.99 until Friday 13th April (spooky, I know) or I have no spaces left...

here's the link:

Any questions just let me know.

Matt 'the Vegan guy' Fruci

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