How to stop draining your willpower on another diet

Last week, the vet told us that Dora (my black Labrador) is 'heading in the wrong direction' with her weight and could do with losing a few lbs.

So, today is the first day of her diet...

And guess what?

I'm not using diet pills, full body weight loss wraps, cutting carbs before 6pm, or making her spend hours in the gym...

I'm just applying these 7 simple tone up rules that apply to me and you, too 🙂

In fact, for the ladies that got in on my Sexy in 60 Day Body Transformation Programme (which starts today), they'll get access to my 88 point Trick Yourself Slim Checklist which helps you redesign your kitchen, dining room, work environment and daily habits to help you lose weight without relying on willpower...

But for now?

Here's 7 quick and simple improvements you can make to your diet to stop draining willpower and drop a few lbs:

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