“I’m the weakest one here

Then you’ll be the most improved"

^^^ A quote that stuck with me from ‘movie night with the fam’

We watched Divergent.

Have you seen it?

SPOILER ALERT (well, kind of. I won’t give too much away)

Essentially, it’s about society being split up into 5 Factions which reflect:

* The selfless

* The peaceful

* The honest

* The brave

* The intellectual

This ‘system’ removes any threat of anyone being ‘different’ or not fitting in.

As they put it:

‘The future belongs to those who know where they belong’

But what about if you are different?

You don’t fit into a category?

Well, they can’t control you.

^^^ this is being divergent

And they’ll just get rid of you if they find out you’re ‘divergent’.

Because there’s nothing for them.

The system isn’t working for them.

So, essentially, they don’t care about them.

And it reminds me of a Slimming Club (I won’t name them)

That a member of my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme tried in the past.

She told the ‘group leader’ that she was going to leave for a while.

To which she got the response:

‘We don’t like people who don’t lose weight anyway’

^^^ which shocked (and p!553d me off) so much that I’m pretty sure I now have a permanently creased forehead (it may be tan lines given the weather)…

Because the truth is…

This slimming club is no different to a ‘faction’.

It CAN work…as long as you can follow it

But if it’s not right for you, how long are you going to follow it for?

What happens if you’re ‘the weakest one there’?

The one who didn’t lost a pound one week so it’s all doom and gloom?

^^^ forgetting that making the smallest of tweaks to help your plan fit your lifestyle can often be all you need to continue burning stubborn body fat.

And if you want to find out more about what happened to the person who “can’t lose weight"…

I’ll update you with that one tomorrow (and won’t name..names)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


PS. I highly recommend Divergent (the film, not the slimming club)

PPS. There are two follow-up films (Insurgent and Allegiant) with another planned for 2017 (Ascendant)…given that I watch - on average - a film a year (unless the boss initiates it), I’ll probably be updating you about number 2 this time next year…

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