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I’m not in the right head space (and why this is a good thing)

This might sound odd..

But what if not being in the right head space was actually a good thing?

Hear me out…

I’ve not gone mad in this lockdown (I think…)..

You see, in one of our coaching rooms the other day

I was chatting to a few of the ladies who spoke about 

What to do when ‘your head is just not in the right space’…

Now, first off…

What does this actually mean?

How do you know if your head isn’t in the right space?


The most exciting part?

Is that they all came up with HOW they overcome this..

And although their focus was on what was negative about it…

“I was rubbish last week’

“I didn’t care’

“I couldn’t do it”

The great part about this

Was that they had got back to do the things they know they need to do..

My point?

Well, they answered their own questions..

You see, from ‘not being in the right headspace’

They lowered their expectations of what a ‘good’ day was…

No judgement of what they used to do when life was ‘normal’..

No judgement of whether ‘there is any point in doing 5 minutes of exercise’…

Because you know what?

If – right now – you grabbed a pen and paper

And put the title ‘what’s the point?’ at the top

Then wrote down every task where you thought ‘what’s the point?’…

It then becomes a choice..

You can answer the question of whether there is a point…


what’s the point in 5 minutes of exercise today?

What’s the point in going for a walk at lunch time today?

What’s the point in stopping at 4 biscuits, I may as well have the rest”

^^^ they start to add up

And here’s the thing..

If you are NOT looking for what you are doing well

Then – by default – you are looking for the things you are not doing well.

And what you look for ..

You will find …

So I guess you could say 

It is your choice..

But there’s more…

How do feel after doing this?

What feelings do you create?

And when you feel like this who else is impacted?

I know the ladies always say to me about their kids, grandkids, and other half..

But also YOU..

What happens if you are more productive, and have more energy ?

You feel fitter and heathier?

Isn’t that exciting?


I’m doing a free 5 Day Kickstart on Monday 15th February to help kickstart your exercise and eating habits with a short workout and food task each day. 

This is specifically for ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it…

And perfect if you are in the mindset

Where you think you have to be in the right headspace to get started…

Because what if you needed to start to get in the right headspace?

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