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“I’d do a fad diet when the husband was away”

So I had a catch up with Hazel yesterday 

Who actually did our 5 Day Kickstart back in May

(more info on the Free 5 Day Kickstart here:

And she showed me that she had been keeping a little track of her weights in the app 

Which then puts a graph together for you.

She hasn’t been doing lots of weigh-ins (as your habits and how your clothes fit will also speak volumes).

But one thing was clear…

In how her weight used to just go up and down

Up and down

Up and down.

Sound familiar?

She mentioned she would do a fad diet every time the husband was away

Or she needed to lose some weight.

But it wasn’t sustainable.

Anyway, she kindly shared what her weight has down over the years and what it is doing now…

What’s even more amazing is her story

Which you can also read below here:

Anyway, last few days to join our FREE 5 Day Kickstart

Which begins on Monday 19th October.

This closes Sunday night as you’ll need to be ready to start this Monday

This is specifically for ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do 

But need the plan and motivation to do it.

More details on what I cover here:

Matt ‘ Excited’ Fruci

PS. I’m not sure when (or if)  I’ll do this again. 

All I ask is you meet me halfway ☺

You can do everything on catch up

And the tasks are just 5 minutes, alongside the 10 minute workouts

Here are the details