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“I walk quicker”

Something I’ve been taught and now preach 

Is that  where your attention goes, your energy flows. 

In other words,

What you focus on, you get more of.

Focus on how you don’t want to feel?

And you’ll get more of that.

It’s similar  with many of the ladies on our kickstart programme 

Who’ve come so far and achieved so much

But are constantly looking up the “mountain” at how far they still have to go…

And as motivating as this can be sometimes 

It can also be disheartening..

Especially when we forget to look back at what you’ve achieved so far..


You do stop to enjoy the view from half way up the mountain.. 

So it was amazing to hear the ladies share what they can now do inside our private support group last week..

When you commit to improving your health and fitness, you change so much more than just your weight..

Have a quick read 

“Walk without my achilles hurting or feeling out of breath, push ups on toes, hedgehogs, leg raises, mountain climbers, side planks threading the needle, jogging, many different balances. I can go 6 days every week without drinking alcohol or eating chocolate. I can give myself smaller portions and eat slowly. Fit into my smaller clothes easily. Feel confident!”


I can go from breakfast to lunch without snacking! I can  sleep on my left side again from shoulder exercises! I can plan my day to get one hour of fitness in easy and it’s only my second week 🥰


Shoulder mobility improving, squats getting easier. 

Motivation increasing for my personal goals.

my lockdown/home working mood is much better with the routine of an increased and varied exercise schedule. I also have more energy and a sense of achievement with most tasks I’m doing. 💪👍


So much…

I couldn’t walk up/down stairs for 4 days after my first HIIT session now it energises me

Workout with a kettle bell

Squat jumps 

The best bit is getting into clothes I couldn’t


Hi Matt , just done yesterday’s stomach blast on catch up , pretty impressed with my self as it’s my least favourite session !!! 

Pretty impressed as to how things are going in the right direction , grown up leg raises , hedhogs, bug thingys and one legged raises and I didn’t take the easy option on the others until I’d tried the grown up version 🤣🤣💪💪💪


“I can squat, kneel but not for too long, stand on one leg albeit only for a few seconds and I walk  quicker. Its all thanks to you Matt and your staff.”


I could go on.

So positive

So inspiring 

Make it a great 


PS. If you’d like more info about our post lockdown 28 Day Kickstart for ladies 40+ (starting December 3rd) which you can do all from home or with us at our private ladies only studios in Devizes or Marlborough, then just send over a message and I’ll get you the details