I thought you didn’t drink water?

So I’m in a Costa the other day (where I’ve now been classed as a ‘regular’ by the Barista) to go over a food and fitness plan with one of the ladies on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

And lately (especially with this heat), I’ve actually been drinking water. I’ll admit, drinking water isn’t something that comes ‘naturally’ to me. Which is funny. As up to 60% of the human body is made up of water.

So I ordered a glass of water with my coffee  as IF IT IS THERE I will drink it (Yep, I think I’m smart but I’m no smarter than a cup of water in front of me….)

Now, the barista gave me TWO glasses of water in the end, even though my partner in crime in this meeting didn’t want one..

And what happened?

they ended up drinking their water before me lol

and in fact, I was only reminded to drink my water because I noticed they drank their water without even wanting one 😂

Which got me thinking how much our environment impacts what we do, right?

And it’s no secret…check this:

* Those who ONLY have a fruit bowl out ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​on the kitchen side were on average 10lbs light than those who had cereal, cakes and bread.

* Even putting the toaster away and out of sight can prevent you from subconsciously using willpower to say ‘no’ to some warm buttery toast with a cuppa.

​* Keeping fruit and veg at eye height ready to grab when you open the fridge so it’s the first thing you see can also how with IMPULSE eating / on the go / just got in from a busy day

* Something I do is carry an apple with me to have on the way home or before I enter the kitchen. Why? Because there could food out on the side, coconut Lindt chocolate that Mrs Fruci has bought or some leftover meatballs from my daughter’s dinner which are literally so tempting (as happened the other day lol)
But going back to water, how much should you drink?

They say 2 litres of water. which as a guide is OK. If you hit that? You’re probably good. 

But it depends on activity levels, weather and how much food you eat (as food contains water)…

As well as how many hot drinks you have, be it teas, herbal teas, coffees etc. (as they do all hydrate you)

But if you’re peeing clear by noon or have 3 clear wees a day, you’re probably OK

^^^ which rhymes so you can remember it lol

Here’s what I find helps me:

Have a glass of water when I wake up plus 1 before each meal (this way even if I have a busy day where I forget to drink water / I’m out and about? I’d still have drank – at the very least – some first thing in the morning. 

I’ll usually have it as I make my morning coffee 

Grouping new habits with something you already do might help you actually do it.

If you struggle to remember? Take a glass of water up to bed and put a ‘post it’ note ​​on your bathroom mirror to remind you when brushing your teeth 🙂

Anyway, here’s 6 reasons why you SHOULD drink more water:

✅It’s a “natural” cure for hangovers (research shows it works better than having ‘another’ to “bring you around” )

✅​ It might help you concentrate (so you get more done)

✅ It might help get things moving  

✅ It might help with headaches 

✅ It might help the jeans of truth fit a bit better (if you swap liquid calories for water…or even sugar free drinks)

✅ 100% of people who are successful have been exposed to water in their lifetime 

What’s your best tip to drink more water?

This weather has definitely helped me drink more water. In fact, I’m sipping it right now as I write this 

Matt ‘waterboy’ Fruci

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