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I nearly didn’t bother…

So last week

I’m getting my two daughters ready (both under 3)

For baby ballet..

Clothes on CHECK

Socks on CHECK

Or at least they were…

One of them takes their socks off

And the other takes their coat off..

And we start again..

I reassess the situation.

And focus on ONE baby.

I get her ready 

And put her in the car.

Only to then find that the other one followed me outside..

Crawling on the grass

And now needs a full change of clothes…

At this point, I’m debating even going..

“They’re both shattered from a week back at nursery” I thought…

“Maybe we should just have a chill out”

“I’ll be late at this rate”

Basically, it is EASIER for me to think

That I’ll be too late

And they need a rest.

Because it saves the hassle of getting them ready

And getting there.

But you know what?

Once we got there…

They loved it

Full of energy

Dancing around

Good toes, naughty toes and all that (if you know, you know)…


Just like 99.9% of the things..

It’s EASIER to do thing you know you need to do

Than dwelling and thinking about the thing you know you need to do…

And it reminded me of a chat I had with one of the ladies just starting her Pre Christmas 4-Week Kickstart Programme last week.

She mentioned that she was worried that she’ll be too unfit…

That people will be looking…

She used to be a lot fitter.

And she mentioned that it was easier to put off coming to see me by BELIEVING

That she we too unfit to do…

Thing is, this isn’t true (mainly because everything is personalised to you…)

She mentioned it had been a while

She had lost weight before.

Done slimming clubs.

And can’t believe how / where she put the weight back on again…

She didn’t want to go from 0 to 100 (like most diets have you do)

She felt like she didn’t have the energy to do it all again..

Until we actually went through her THREE simple habits that she had to do each day 


So simple it would take her about 15 minutes a day…

That’s it…

And all of a sudden, the overwhelm disappeared.

The plan is clear…

She’s no longer focussing on changing the world..

But actually, changing herself first…

So she is in a better position to help others, loved ones, family, work…I could go on..

So my task for you today?

  1. What one belief / story are you telling yourself that is easier to believe than not?
  2. Is this belief / story 100% true?
  3. What could happen if you didn’t believe this thought / story? 

Matt ‘Pirouette’ Fruci