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Don’t feel guilty about this

“I feel guilty”

“That’s lazy”

“I couldn’t do that”

“It makes me feel worse”

^^^ All things some of the ladies say to me when I say ask them to really FEEL their FEELINGS


If you are tired?

What is this telling you to do?

Is it really saying ‘go a get a sugary pick me up’?


I had the pleasure of interviewing sleep researcher, Kathleen Reinhardt, from Oxford Brookes University on Friday.

Kathleen is just completing her PhD and did some recent research looking at primates and their sleeping patterns (and what us humans can learn from this)

Here’s what we discussed:

😴 Whether being a night owl is detrimental for your health

😴 3 Simple things you can do to help you get to sleep

😴 Why having a nap isn’t something to feel guilty about (and how you should do it)

😴 What to do if you work shifts

😴 How exercise may help you sleep better


😴 How many cups a coffee researchers who study sleep actually drink 😉

And much, much more

Watch it below:

I hope you enjoy it

and I would love to hear what you think in the comments

Matt ‘off for a nap’ Fruci