I lasted just 3 minutes

It was hilarious watching people go in. 

Especially when I was freezing anyway in the “warm” part of the pool…

​​​I’m talking about the plunge pool at Center Parcs, where we went before Christmas

If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically just a cold pool you dunk in to

But it’s a tradition for me whenever we go to Centre Parcs to go in the plunge pool.

So I did. Albeit for 3 seconds 😂😂

But you know what?

It’s so worth it when you get back in the pool and you feel how warm it is.

Almost like you become grateful for some warmth….aka the simple things we have access to..

It also made getting out of the pool so much nicer

Which is usually the worst part as you feel so cold and wet…trying to get all of the stuff out of the locker

(Which is a lot of stuff with 2 babies 😂)

And all this just reminded me of this quote:

“When you refuse to embrace a little discomfort,

You create a life of it”

Which applies to pretty much everything 

Whether it’s getting shape 

improving your fitness so you’re less out of breath

losing some weight to fit into the clothes you want to wear

Developing a healthy relationship with food so you can ditch the yo-yo dieting 

creating long-lasting healthy habits  


Feeling cold in a swimming pool..

You’ve got 2 choices:

1️⃣ Accept that for something to change, something has to change – which – like any change – will involve a little discomfort  

2️⃣ Refuse to embrace a little discomfort and stay the same – which you could argue is essentially creating a life of discomfort 🤔

Food for thought 

Matt “3 seconds” Fruci

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