I hate doing this.

I really do.

But education is so important. 

That is, next weekend we will have fewer sessions than normal at Fruci Fit for this weekend only. 

As most of us at Fruci Fit 

Will be heading to a nutrition conference in Nottingham. 

We’re super keen to keep learning and like earlier in the year when we attended on in London 

(Which was focussed all on glucose, diet, exercise and diabetes)

We are keen to make it applicable to helping you separate the facts from fiction.

After all, it’s our job to empower you with evidenced based information 

(Rather than the marketing fluff you see and don’t get me started on the millions of supplements, particularly targeting women…)

And this conference is more relevant than ever. 

With the topic being all about women’s health and menopause…

From nutritional science pre, peri and post menopause 


How to properly align your exercise.

I’m particularly interested in thr two talks

Anyway, I’ll be sharing some of this in our free 5-day kickstart (perfect if you want this Christmas to be different from the rest …)

Specifically for women peri or post menopause to help better manage their symptoms and health with a step by step plan based on what the research shows.

Register here:


✅ Short, simple workouts you can do even on your busiest day, specifically for women experiencing symptoms peri and post menopause. We get that you’re busy, but that shouldn’t stop you from focusing on YOU and your health. The 5 Days is designed to fit seamlessly into your routine, with flexible options for workouts that you can do when suits you

✅ How to create a nutrition plan you can do even on your busiest most stressful day (even if you’re struggling sleep)

✅ Strategies to help manage symptoms associated with peri, during and post menopause 

✅ How to overcome self sabotage (even if you feel like you can’t stick to anything)

✅ How you can still lose weight and tone up 

✅ Join a community of like-minded women who are going through similar experiences. Get inspired by others who are on the same path. The Fruci Fit community is a safe space for you to connect, ask questions, and receive encouragement (in fact, research shows this is one of the most important factors in succeeding in a health and fitness programme)

And all with DAILY accountability 

Register here:


Matt “Excited” Fruci

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