I dashed out to the shop to get a card for the wedding 

So smug, I found a card that really signified travel and experiences.

Perfect for the newly weds to be…

I got back…

And knowing I had to be ready in an hour

Without having tried in my suit

Checked if it still fits 

Or if it needs ironing 😳

Can you tell I live in shorts and a Fruci Fit top most of the time?

Anyway, Mrs Fruci was writing the card I just got

Only to realise it said

“Happy birthday” 

Ooops 😂

Anyway, my point here?

Always check the labels…

Buzzwords like


“Gluten free”

“Plant based”


Are everywhere right now.

It can be easy to look at a label and think 

“That must be healthy”

“It says protein so much be good”

But here’s something to check:

What is the % of protein? ⁉️

Eg if there is 150 calories and 20 G protein. Know there are 4 calories in 1g of protein therefore you know there there are 80 calories of protein (4 x 20= 80). 

You can then do 80 calories / 150 calories = 53% protein 

Compare that to the other bar In the picture.

10g of protein so x 4= 40 calories. 

40 / 229 = 17% protein 

Both say “protein” but one contains over double the protein per calorie you consume, therefore if increasing protein is the goal for the least amount of calories, you can see what might help you do that 

(And what might be more for buzzwords)

Matt “check the label” Fruci

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