I can’t because…

“I think she’s a bit too small”

The lifeguard says to me on the rapids at Center Parcs, referring to my 4 year old daughter 

Who had just literally built the courage to go on them…

Having already gone down one of the slides on the rapids at this point, and laying in the middle of the rapids..

I was unsure whether my daughter would want to get out or not 

Or whether I should take her out?

“He said you’re too small” I said to my daughter .

Her response even surprised me :

“I don’t think he can see my feet?”

She replied 

As she lifted her foot out of the water to show the lifeguard 

Before going on and suddenly really wanting  to continue on the rapids.

Why am I sharing this?

Well, whenever we have an “I can’t” moment 

What if we could use this as motivation? 

What if every time we say “I can’t” we decided to do it anyway, focus on what we can do?

After all, by saying “I can’t” you actually have nothing to lose.

As if you do nothing, well, nothing will change. 

And when I hear things like this below in our  one to one kickstart meetings at the start

of our 28 Day Summer Kickstart (message me with “Summer” and I’ll get you the details)

I can’t because

“I have too much on”

“I’m going on holiday”

“I need to get fit first”

“I won’t make the most of it”

“I can’t get to enough sessions”

^^ all great reasons by the way  

What if we did it anyway?


Life is never going to be perfect.

Slip ups / “bad” days are inevitable…

But remember you always choose to ask yourself this question:

“What can I do today?”

After all,

It won’t be “perfect” until you start. 

As it’s the feedback that tells you if it is perfect or not 😉 

Matt “imperfect” Fruci

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