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“I am really nervous”

I was having a chat with one of the ladies on our kickstart programme last week (message me if you would like more info by the way)

And she asked me ‘why is this just for ladies over 40?’..

Which reminded me about why this all started…

You see, I used to just do personal training…

You know, train people in a gym, do some food plans…that was it.

Until I started seeing that a few of the ladies I worked with said that they would never do this on their own without me in the gym…

And it got me then doing programmes that the ladies could do at home and with minimal equipment.

It was no longer something they had to do with loads of equipment in an intimidating gym…

When you feel everyone is look at you…

Where they would worry ‘I will be the most unfit’

‘I will look silly’

‘I’ll be too big’…

And this was I knew I had to do something about it 

when one of the ladies actually had a panic attack in a gym we were in..

She didn’t feel comfortable so we started training in her home…

Her friend then wanted to do it with her and…

That was it..

I decided to launch a programme specifically for ladies over 40…

So the intensity, 




Can all be bespoke for you..

I count myself as very fortunate to be able to still

Deliver our sessions for the ladies on our programme in person.

Of course, we still do 4 live workouts you can do from home, too.  

I remember back in 2014 when we first started our programme our ladies only programmes…

No kids at the time..

Had just got married…

And I just had this vision to create the best ladies only programme in Wiltshire [specifically for ladies over 40]..

I wanted to make it non-intimidating

Somewhere that people who never thought they could find somewhere comfortable to get fit and heathy could go.

And find themselves surprising themselves by actually sticking to it.

For ladies to make friends, not be judged, speak to expert trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, yoga teachers

And get amazing results.

To become stronger – physically and mentally

More confident. 

To overcome adversity..

And for the past 6 years or so 

It’s surpassed what I could ever have imagined…

I absolutely love my work

And I still love delivering our live home workouts 

[some of them are now able to exercise every day which is amazing…and we will be keeping live workouts from home going, too]

And the in person sessions

Which I love too.

Seeing everyone in person is amazing.

And I cannot wait to do our bigger events again where we bring everyone together for a night of fun, from magicians to meditation, yoga and nutrition seminars. 

For now, they will stay on Zoom..

Because the most important part of this?

Is the people…

None of this is good without people…

Without our amazing community. 

Sorry to go on and on haha

Writing these emails are meant to inspire you to become fitter and healthier

Over 4000 ladies in Wiltshire …

I actually find them therapeutic to write. 

This one especially..

So if you’re still reading?

Thanks for listening to this long-winded answer..

In a nutshell:

The reason this is only for Wiltshire ladies 40+…

Is because:

  1. Support and community is a big part of this to help you stay motivated and confident that you do not have to do this along
  2. It allows me to make everything more bespoke for you (a woman over 40 wouldn’t do the same thing as a 20 year old guy…)
  3. This includes the nutrition and fitness, taking into account injuries, joint issues, diets you’ve tried before, menopause and more…

And was reminded about this when Anna wrote this inside our private group:

“2 months in and another 5 inches and 8lbs off. Very happy. Do I win a T shirt? 1 stone in 2 months and 18 inches. Happy days. Do I have a cream tea ?

^^^ Best part was all of the subsequent messages from the ladies…

“It’s one cream tea”

“How would you feel if you couldn’t have it? “

“Enjoy yourself”

“How many would you need to be satisfied? I guarantee you will only have one. Is that really going to do any harm?”

And it is sometimes the little things..

Like the accountability messages

The sharing of experiences

The random going for coffee after sessions

The friendships

The chats at the workouts online and in person ..

Which really makes this… different,


Enough of my rambles.

Our November 28 Day Kickstart is now…


Specifically for ladies 40+ in Devizes, Marlborough or you can do it all from home..

Message me for more details 

Matt ‘life story’ Fruci