A message from Wendy

Just wanted to share Wendy’s message about what she’s achieved in 12 weeks:

“I had my first meeting with Matt 12 weeks ago and haven’t looked back !!! I think my progress speaks for its self so here it is
After 10 weeks

Total excersise sessions 27

Inches lost
Waist 4
Hips 5
Chest 4
Knee 2.5
Thigh 2 (each)
Upper arm 1
Weight loss 4lb

Two new holes made in my belt

Best of all

Blood sugar levels down from 13-18 to 7-8

Thank you Matt for all your hard work , patience and support, also to the ladies in the group for all their support and encouragement .

Never thought I would say this but I truly love the sessions they go so quickly and such a laugh.

Feel so much better in myself, best thing I ever did and worth every penny.

P.s I still get to eat my favourite foods, enjoy a gin or 3 and the odd takeaway .”

​​I had to read this bit again…

“I truly love the session they go so quickly and such a laugh”

Because in a world where the health and fitness industry is full of lycra, burpees and broccoli, putting you right off of doing this fitness stuff…

It’s humbling to hear this doing the thing I set it out to do…

and, of course, resulting in weight loss, having to make new belt holes in your belt, and feeling better in yourself 

(which is pretty important considering how you feel often dictates how you handle stress and what you do…)

Anyway, if you want to see what Wendy has been doing for yourself?

And trial our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme for free?

All you need to do, is click on the link below:

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