How to stop drifting…

One minute they’re in the car..

Then an MOT, service and clean later 

they’re gone..

Long story short

Found in the lost property in a hospital in Yorkshire…

Small world, ay?

All from tiny steps…

To being driven up north in the car

To being put by a work bag..

To being put inside the work bags

To being taken to work…

To being put in a lost property in a hospital…

200 odd miles away 😮 

Why am I sharing this?

Well, it just shows the power of small steps..

And how easy it is to drift …

One minute we’re doing well

The next ?

We miss a workout 

Have a “bad” food day

And one leads to the what and so on..

There’s now too much on and it seems too hard to get going again.

“It’ll be Christmas soon”

Sound familiar?

I get it…

And can I make suggestion?

If yes..

Answer this:

What would a “good” day look like today?

^^ let me know 

The reason I ask 

Is if we don’t know what a good day looks like?

How do we know if we are doing well?

Are we so keen on avoiding failure that we don’t set any expectations which means we automatically fail as we don’t even try?

Matt “reunited with his glasses” Fruci

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