Can you do it even if you’re busy?

That’s a question I’d ask when setting up a new plan to kickstart your health and fitness 

(And something we ask at the start of our 100 Day Challenge. Reply with “100” and I’ll get you the details) 

Because if you can do it on your busiest, most stressful day?

When can’t you?

And this doesn’t mean your plan is rigid for these busy, stressful days.

But rather 

That you have a plan of action for these busy, most stressful days. 

Like I speak about here 

Set 3 non-negotiables you do on your busy day:


  1. Have a glass of wine (might seem negative but actually if thinking you can’t have a glass of wine on a busy days stop you starting?)
  2. Get 8000 steps in or do a 2 minute wall sit whilst the kettle boils 
  3. Have a glass of water with every meal 

These are just some examples.

But the key part of getting results?

DOING even when you’re stressed 

Even when you’re tired 

Even when you’re demotivated 

Even when you’re not in the right headspace 

Matt “busy day?” Fruci

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