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How to stick to your diet & exercise plan

So a few of the ladies have just got started this week on their 28 Day Kickstart (reply with ’28 day’ and I can get you the details by the way)..

And what’s interesting is how I’ll often get a message along the lines of:

“I’m loving it right now but just not sure what I will do when [insert event / situation that MAY mean you have to adapt your plan”

In our current situation, I have got reasons such as:

“when I go back to work”

“I never stick to anything more than a few weeks”

And I get it..

If you can’t stick to something you won’t get the results from it..

When things change, your plan will have to change…

And that is the secret…

Focus on TODAY

And the future becomes NOW..

That is all that matters..

This exactly what Kate has done over the last 8 weeks.

Here is what she said the other day on Facebook:

I joined Matt and the team at the start of Lockdown and I’m so pleased that I finally made that positive step. Through being overweight, encountering the issues that that brings, and, not getting any younger, I decided it had to be now or never! 

Over the years, you name it, I’ve tried it, but it never really worked, well not long term anyway. The weight has just kept piling on and my ability or desire to exercise has diminished and the mental feelings of being a failure have just kept growing!

So, how do I feel now?

Well, heaps better physically, the lbs are starting to come off as well as the centimetres, but more importantly I feel so much better mentally. 

I think I’ve now discovered the perfect recipe for me and I’m looking forward to continuing my journey.


Well, Matt and his team offer so much in all departments, so, there’s plenty of choice and you get support each day. 

Changing little things, creating better habits, trying out different foods, being motivated each day with a little something to try. Workouts that I can do all from the comfort of my own home, nutrition apps, 1:1 time, Zoom cooking sessions, meditation, Q&As, the list goes on.

Yes, I’ve encountered all these things before but not in such a complete package.

The one thing though that really stands out is the fact that I feel supported psychologically. Questions about myself have started to be answered. 

My understanding of why I do what I do and feel how I feel sometimes have deepened. I now realise that I’m not alone in my past thoughts and actions, hundreds of other women are and have been experiencing exactly the same. 

The interesting transformation that has happened to me over these past 10 weeks is that I now feel full of hope, I feel that I have got enough tools in my toolkit to take out and use effectively. 

Each day, I have a choice about what tool I could use and if perhaps I simply have a ‘bad’ day then that’s okay too. Tomorrow, Matt will be there to get me going again, get me re-focused.

I know I’ve only just started my journey, I used to be finished with ‘a diet’ after 8 weeks. I’d have gone hell for leather, lost a load of weight, enjoyed the compliments but before long the weight would have slowly crept back on again. 

It’s a horrible vicious cycle! 

This time though it all feels different, I feel understood and am enjoying the whole process of slowly transforming my health and fitness.

 Fruci Fit really is transforming me and I feel very thankful to have discovered it.

Thank you Matt and the team!

Well done, Kate. 

For not just applying it but taking that first step, 

When she could have accepted that it’s the ‘way it is’…

Accepting ‘feelings of failures’ as she said.

Something I always ask is:

If you were looking at you now through the eyes of your 10 year-old self, what would say and how would you feel?

And sometimes it is as simple as asking the right questions to break habits and create new, more positive ones.

Ones that give you more energy

Give you feelings of hope (as Kate says)

Be okay with having a so called ‘bad’ day (as it is often your thoughts about it that are the problems)

And – dare I say it – have a bit of fun doing it ☺

As Kate said:

“This time though it all feels different, I feel understood and am enjoying the whole process of slowly transforming my health and fitness.

 Fruci Fit really is transforming me and I feel very thankful to have discovered it.”

If you want to join Kate and co on our 28 Day Kickstart programme for Wiltshire ladies 40+

Just message me with ’28 day’ and I will get you the details.