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How to stay on track at the weekend

How to stay on track at the weekend

I get this question a lot.

“How do I stay on track at the weekend?”

Of course, this is something that ideally

We go over this with you personally. 

Because everyone is different.



Social life (remember that? haha)..

It is often the thing people get wrong..

I mean, they do great during the week.

Get some exercise in

But sometimes just the slightest tweak..

Remembering that small changes add  up

Can be the difference..

Without having to eat chicken and broccoli haha

So check out this video here:

But the thing is

As much as what we offer in terms of exercise and nutrition is great..

The key part is actually personalising this for you…

Which is what we do in our Kickstart programme.

Matt ‘Happy Weekend’ Fruci