How to stay motivated in 2019

Just a quick one on how to stay motivated AND avoid being miserable 2019…​​

By miserable I mean:

1. Focussing on what you don’t want –> This lead to us just thinking about all the negatives and fears we have about doing something…forgetting the real reasons we want to do it

2. Focussing on what you don’t have –> Envy can actually help with motivation…but often? It just leads to us looking for things to blame…which exhausting!

3. Focussing on what you don’t like –> Think how much time we spend complaining, right? Like I try not to…but I often catch myself complaining about the smallest of things..usually when I’m tired..

So based on the above?

No wonder it’s so hard to stay motivated when we do any of the above…

As it’s blooming exhausting…and actually not doing anything for you..

So I just want you to flip this around to stay motivated:

1. Focus on what you want —> Set a target…even if you don’t hit it …it’s more important that you just have a target and remind yourself of that every day. Simple but every powerful to remind your brain of what and WHY you are doing this …

^^^ there is a ton of energy and motivation in doing this

2. Focus on what you have –> Family, health TO BE able to exercise / walk / see / hear / breath / sleep / eat / stay warm and..

Practice self CARE <<< the so-called cure for having no energy and insecurities…

3. Focus on what you like ––> Now of course, you may not like exercise. You may not like eating healthily. And you may find this hard amongst everything else in your life, be it family, kids, work AKA the juggling act…

That’s OK…

But what I’m going to challenge you to do is to come at this from a different angle..

Humans don’t really struggle to do something when they enjoy it.

So you have two options (and you can find both):

1) Make it fun and do something you enjoy

2) Get someone to help you, support you, and pick you up when you’re low and heading towards the F it mindset where things spiral out of control …so you can stay on track for that little bit longer

^^ Which just so happens to be ‘the little bit longer’ that you need to get the results you want…

And this is exactly what we are fine tuning with our new and improved Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme with our updated nutrition system, accountability check ins, and one to ones with me

Excited for 2019!


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PPS. Check out my quick post on 5 things to help you take control of comfort eating:



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