How to increase your confidence?

Learning to read …

Play sport …

Learning to do maths..

How do we teach kids?

We start small. 

Make it “easy” for them to do. 

To build their confidence.

Sure they’ll fail a few times along the way. 

But seeing progress 

Creates evidence, which in turn builds confidence in yourself 

Giving you the courage to continue and refer to in the future (even if / when you hit is obstacles) 

So if you’re struggling today to stay consistent?

Fed up of starting and stopping?

Think it’s just “not the right time” 

Lower your expectations. 

It might not seem like it’s “worth it” 

But if it means you’re doing more now than trying to do it all but failing and feeling rubbish? 

What’s the alternative? 

And just watch what happens to your confidence along the way 😀


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