How to build a nutrition plan to fit for you (not me)

“Have you packed yet?”

Mrs Fruci asks me the night before we head to Cornwall for a few days.

“I’ll do it in the morning. It’ll only take a few mins” I reply, almost automatically 

^^^ sound familiar 

But what I’m learning 

Is that one or two things seem to happen 

  1. I pack so little I end up borrowing some jeans and shoes from the father in law (a true story from a few years back)
  2. I pack so much, I then have too much choice 

Why am I sharing this?

Well, it’s a bit like building a nutrition and training plan fit for your lifestyle…

  1. We need some structure as this keeps it simple (this is why so called “crash diets” work so well. They are simple)
  2. We need some flexibility so we can stick to it even with social events, work and life “getting in the way”


When we have so much choice.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed 

So much choice, we’re hungry, we have a bit of that, we’ll do it tomorrow, 

but too much structure?

and perhaps we feel restricted, not having the flexibility to have what we want. 

 And the key thing is that 80-20 rule and actually planning in advance. 

So let’s consider this. 

Let’s say you’re having 1500 calories a day on average. 

You want some structure within that. So let’s say you have protein every meal, it’s gonna keep you fuller for longer, you get two veggies with every meal, that’s going to keep you fuller for longer and that’s going to help with your overall health

Let’s say 20% of that is going to be from any food you want to have. 

So 20% is 300 calories. So let’s structure in 300 calories from snacks aka any foods I like. 

Now I’m getting protein every meal, getting lots of veggies in there, then 20% can be from whatever I want it with to help you with that flexibility. Start there.

Structure and flexibility. 

My lesson from this?

Count how many days I’m going away for

And work out how many boxer shorts, socks, t shirts and shoes I need.

That way, I don’t have too much choice 

But I also have enough 😉 

Matt “I’ll pack tomorrow” Fruci

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