10 things to consider to help you tone up

There are soooo many questions when it comes to nutrition. 

I thought I would share 10 things that work to simplify this health and toning up stuff (especially given some of the questions recently)

Let’s go straight in..

1) No foods are off limits when trying to lose fat 

2) You need to ensure you’re in a calorie deficit 

3) You’ll know you’re in a calorie deficit if your weigh and / or measurements like hips and waist are going down

4) If you’re struggling to stay consistent, slow down. 

5) Giving yourself flexibility to include the foods you love in your nutrition plan may help you stick to it

6) Having too much flexibility may make it difficult to stick to

7) Aim for 2-3 meals a day, lean protein, lots of veggies at the base of each meal. Plan your snacks in advance. Today, my snacks will be [insert here]

8) You can still eat carbs and lose fat if you’re in a calorie deficit 

9) Spiking your blood sugar levels doesn’t stop you losing fat if you’re in a calorie deficit 

10) Losing 5% of your starting weight is clinically significant, in helping reduce our risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer, as well potentially improving our mental health and sleep

What questions do you have at the moment? 


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