How to beat laziness

Ever have one of those days where you think:

“I feel so lazy…why didn’t I do [insert ONE thing you didn’t do here] today”

^^^ This was me nursing a hangover the day after the wedding on Sunday (doesn’t take a lot for me to get a hangover)..

But one thing I want to share with you today is that:


now, before you start thinking about

all of the ‘lazy’

people you know..

Let me reframe that statement…

people aren’t lazy- they just lack


Let me explain:

the exertion of force by means of
a lever.

and in the case of getting in shape, improving your health / fitness?

Here’s what I mean be leverage:

YOUR REASON WHY you even bother wanting to do it in the first place

Whether its a holiday

a wedding

a social event

a health scare

a confidence thing

or just wanting to look and feel great again, say ‘yes’ to a few things you want to do but aren’t quite ready yet..

LEVERAGE is the sweet spot

see, when you have enough leverage

almost anything is possible…

I mean, I know people with 2,3 or 4 kids who say ‘I’ lazy’…

Just like I know people who work 12 hour days and say ‘I’m lazy…”


Is this actually true?

You see, WITHOUT leverage?

I get that it’s hard to motivate yourself, especially when you’re feeling tired…

and THEN you’ll label yourself

lazy (which makes you feel worse)

working out your leverage is just

one of the things we’ll work out

TOGETHER inside our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

and thats also one of the reasons (in my opinion)

why the ladies, like these, get such great RESULTS

Not because they have superpowers…

But because they know their WHY

and create simple plan that is achievable with their lifestyle..

so they can stop calling themselves lazy and

beating themselves up for doing something they used to be able to do or that they think need to do to get in shape and feel and look better…

Matt ‘lazy’ Fruci

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