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How much water should you drink a day?

I’ll admit, drinking water wasn’t something that I always found easy…

Which is probably why the ladies love the reminders I send over all day haha 

Because I get it’s an easy thing to forget…

Or even overlook. 

Until, Of course, we have a headache and feel tired and then wonder why?

But how much should you drink?

They say 2 litres of water, right?

which as a guide is OK. If you hit that? You’re probably good.

But it depends on activity levels, weather and how much food you eat (as food contains water)…

As well as how many hot drinks you have, be it teas, herbal teas, coffees etc. (as they do all hydrate you)

But if you’re peeing clear by noon or have 3 clear wees a day, you’re probably OK

^^^ which rhymes so you can remember it 😉

What helps me is to 

have a glass of water when I wake up plus 1 before each meal (this way even if I have a busy day where I forget to drink water / I’m out and about? I’d still have drank – at the very least – some first thing in the morning.

I’ll usually have it as I make my morning coffee.

Grouping new habits with something you already do might help you actually do it

Anyway, here’s 6 reasons why you SHOULD drink more water:

✅ It’s a “natural” cure for hangovers (research shows it works better than having ‘another’ to “bring you around” )

^^^ Yep, despite being call dihydrogen monoxide and sounding like a scary chemical…

Water might help you rehydrate after a night out (goes well with some eggs and bacon for some electrolytes)

✅ It might help you concentrate (so you get more done)

✅ It might help get things moving

✅ It might help with headaches

✅It might help the jeans of truth fit a bit better (if you swap liquid calories for water…or even sugar free drinks)


Latest Dutch research shows that…

✅100% of people who are successful have been exposed to water in their lifetime

What more proof do you need? Haha

So simple…

But by not doing these small, simple things?

Life is A LOT harder..

In terms of your energy, mood, digestion…

I could go on…

because – essentially – consider what you’re saying 

“YES” to by skipping your water today?

Poor digestion?

Reduced concentration?

And as I always say (repetition is the mother of all so I will keep repeating myself)

Small habits, compound effect…

You might now see or feel ANY benefit today..

But just like the ladies inside our Kickstart Programme say when people ask them what was critical for them to be doing to lose the weight, get fit, feel more confident in their favourite clothes…

It’s never ONE thing…

It’s the compound effect of stacking small, daily wins…

Like Emma said yesterday:

“I just want to say thank you for your guidance I don’t do as much as I should because of health problems but I have lost a stone since joining last month 😍😍😍”

Matt ‘waterboy’ Fruci