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How long should I exercise for (and the thing about home schooling)?

A question I had yesterday:

​​”I don’t have a lot of time and struggle to fit in exercise during the week so I’m not sure I could do your Kickstart” 

I get that.

It’s a great question.

Especially as we often have this belief that we have to do an hour of exercise or it’s pointless…

Truth is, there’s NO actual time commitment….

It just depends on what you’re willing to do…

I mean, let’s say you invest 15 minutes a day in your food, fitness and weekly tasks you are set. 

​​1 is BETTER than 0. 

You are STILL closer to your goal. 

And when you build that momentum and it becomes a habit? It is HONESTLY easier…

(Like my lockdown flossing habit where I’ve been more consistent than ever but still not perfect. like I said – I’m still better and if I’m working on it? Failure is just success waiting to happen. And funny how booking a hygienist appointment has made me more consistent than ever with my flossing !)

I know I talk a lot about being selfless..

Maybe you value HELPING OTHERS. 

And that is amazing.

But if it also leaves you frustrated about where you are at with your mental al health..

We have to consider whether our actions are aligning with our value of helping others…

As I don’t know about you, but if I’m stressed and tired, I am rubbish to be around.

It’s something I have been big on this week so far..

Trying our best to balance work and looking after the kids /making sure we give them attention too. 

And like one of the ladies on the Kickstart does..

I get my priority for the day (the thing that is really important to me (e.g. writing, blogging, video, workout)

Done first thing in the morning (as my willpower is highest and no one wants me then)

^^^ this is also FORCES me to get to bed before 10pm (and motivates me because if I don’t got to bed at 10pm, I am CHOOSING to be less productive and worse to be around haha which helps no one…After all, I have a team, family and amazing people I work with relying on me..

In summary?

There is NO time commitment for anything, It just depends how important it is to you right now.

^^^ this is why we have a one to one ​​​​

It’s a case of how long do you have? 

And lastly, how important is this to you?

That’s why we have workouts you can do in just 1 minute, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. And all live or on catch up.

The key?

Is in the doing..

Which is what we make sure you do ☺ 

And yes, you might be thinking that you know that but struggle for motivation.

Here’s a quick tip for you…

Write down the 1-3 most important benefits of doing what you know you need to do with your exercise and food…

Put them on sticky notes

And place them where you will see them every, single day.

Check in with them every day.

This is something I’ve done with many of the ladies.

In fact, I’ll share a few:

“I want to feel of confident in the clothes I wear and fit back into my favourite ones”

“I want to stop worrying about my health”

“I want to be able to play with grandkids without being exhausted”

Because sometimes 

Just seeing those things you value every day

Can make you see how important doing the things you know you need to do are..

Especially when you can see that the results and consequences of our actions

Really do align with what you value in your life.