How long does it take to create a habit?

You’ve probably heard 21 days?

But how true is this?

Well research would suggest anything from 18 days to 66 days to 254 days…

Depending on many factors..

Are you trying to give up a habit at the same time ?

Have you tried this habit before? 

I could go on.

So when this came up last week on our podcast 

(See Image)

It took me by surprise. 

Sure I’ve done a live video everyday since 2017

Sharing tips and tricks on our Facebook and Instagram pages

And It got me thinking about habits and consistency.

You see, it all starts with one step.

A massively imperfect step.

^^ I think just my Dad liked my first video I did. My dog, Dora, said she would have but isn’t on Facebook (so I took that as 2 likes).

As if I aimed to be perfect?

I wouldn’t have started yet..

In fact, 90% of podcasts don’t get past 3 episodes.

Of those that are left? 90% quit after 20 episodes.


Why am I sharing this?

Well it’s similar to this weight loss and fitness stuff.

Research suggests most people give up diets or health kicks after around 5 weeks.

And sure, sometimes it is a lack of consistency

But there’s more to this.

As before we say “diets don’t work”…

(Which they do by the way, isn’t actually true)

We have to consider:

—> what are you tracking? If it’s just the scales weekly at 7pm, are we getting obsessed over a figure that could be fluctuating daily ? Solution? Take the average 

—> are you taught how to transition off a diet? Who wants to “diet” forever? We can be “in between”. It doesn’t have to be “on it” or “off it”

—> does the diet fit your lifestyle? Or are you trying to do something that doesn’t fit your lifestyle? Can you make smaller changes that fit your lifestyle? 

Do you actually just need to do the things you know you need to do 

But just more consistently?

This is what we’ve done our podcast, which you check out here:

iTunes :


Matt “habits” Fruci

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