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Haribo: the breakfast of champions?

I must admit 

We literally have a fry up about 4 times a week..

The kids love it.

Even the little sausages in beans…

Yes, I know processed.

But overall?

Mushrooms (veg)

Beans (fibre and protein_

Bacon (protein)

Eggs (vit D, eye health, healthy fats, high quality protein)..

For me?

It is a complete breakfast 


But I do often get asked questions about it..

“aren’t fry ups bad for you?”

And I mean it depends..

How much you eat over the day..

For me, it actually helps my hunger for the whole day..

So it might be more than a superfood smoothie in terms of calories

But I am actually full up so I am not raiding the cupboard at 10am (although it doesn’t stop the kids doing that haha)

That said,

So often when someone starts a health kick…

Instead of the fry up…

…you’re now on a health kick so you go for the…


Superfood Juice / Smoothie (which could contain up to 250 calories <<< Yes, that’s more than a large latte)

And smoothies, but moreso, liquid calories seem to be a major problem when trying to lose weight

 Our bodies struggle to register how full we are from liquid calories…

^^^ Perhaps due to the lack of fibre in smoothies and sugary fizzy drinks…I exclude milk and dairy products as they seem to keep us full up due to the slow digesting protein (and have good research on, especially whey protein)
And they showed this when they compared how much people ate over the day when given either sweets or a superfood smoothie

What happened?

People ate more when they ate the superfood smoothie

A combination of the fact that the calories in a smoothie may not fill you up…

^^ Perhaps the lack of fibre, crunch, amount of sugar and lack of protein?

And that you may feel you’ve ‘been good so can binge later’ after drinking a smoothie

Could be to blame!

And I just want to leave you with a few points here:

* Your overall food intake is key to whether you lose body fat…

* Eating ‘superfoods’ like veggies, fruits etc. will help fill your plate, provide nutrients and keep you full…helping you create a SUPER diet (as long as the above point…THE BASICS…are in place)

* Having a bit of processed food won’t kill you (think 80/20 rule) and is exactly why we made Nutella brownies in Friday’s Live cooking on our 28 Day Kickstart ( even Mrs Fruci was impressed.. and I quote: ‘The best brownies you have ever made”…)

* Juicing without protein or fibre could leave you feeling hungry later 

* Just because kale has more nutrition than lettuce, it doesn’t mean that you should have kale morning, afternoon and night…change it up…it will probably help you stick to your diet in the long-term which is the most important thing 

^^ Like Stella said yesterday  “I cannot believe how much better my balance is. I’m loving this! It suits my lifestyle”

So I am not saying have Haribo for breakfast…


Consider that just because it is packaged and marketed as ‘healthy’ it doesn’t mean it is..

The good news?

It means you don’t have to live off kale smoothies to lose weight…

But the real take home?

It doesn’t have to be this all or nothing thing…

Small habits, compound effect.

And just like Stella mentioned..

The best diet in the world is the one you’ll actually do…

(and the secret to that is fitting it to your lifestyle)

As you only get results for done..

Matt ‘you do you’ Fruci