The Half Assed Slim Down Guide To Eating Out

Eating out a lot over the holidays? Working late and having to grab something on the go? 

Eating out and on-the-go when trying to lose weight is one of the most common challenges I hear from busy ladies trying to slim down whilst still playing mum, wife and getting their work done.

So, I not only asked some of the ladies using my Tone Up system what they do when eating out, but I also combined this with what the sciencey stuff says about eating out and still losing weight and tone up.

To put together my 10-Point Half Assed Slim Down Guide To Eating Out For You.

You can save the picture below to your phone, tablet, or even print it out to have it handy in your car or bag.

This way, you'll always have a 'plan b' when you're hungry, on-the-go or have a social event and want to ditch the self sabotaging, 'all of nothing', 'F it' mindset to dieting.

Want More Ways To Get Back Into Your Old Size 10 Jeans Without Giving Up Your Favourite Foods?

You can take my FREE 10-point Slim Down Test, Which Reveals: 

  • How busy ladies in Wiltshire are toning up and increasing their confidence by actually doing LESS tha​n what you think  (the answer will surprise you)
  • SIMPLE strategies you can use TODAY to control emotional eating and take control of your sugar cravings
  • How you can slim down whilst still enjoying your wine and eating out with your friends and family (who'll be asking you how you did it without counting points or 'syns') 

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