Feeling stuck? Consider this

The wheels were spinning…

The parking attendant runs over..

Starts pushing the back of our van..

All that happens?

We start to dig a hole in the mud.

We are now officially stuck in the mud.

Not the best start to my Bank Holiday Weekend trip out with the kids. 

Luckily, they were amazing and the tractor was out dropping hay on the grass

And they were sending a truck to tow us.

Meanwhile, I had to figure out if the van could be towed..

I had no idea where anything was..

So I did the unthinkable..

I got this thing out of the glove box.

It is called…

A manual. 

I guess what?

I learnt so much.

How the van needs to be towed..

What gear it needs to be in..

And all of this whilst the kids in the back

Were super excited about being towed..

“Will it be a tractor?”

“I have never done this before”

So why am I sharing this?

Well, we could have quite simply gone down the victim, ‘why me?’ mode..

“This is rubbish”

“We need to go see the scarecrows, there won’t be enough time’



We – almost by default- applied our Shift Re-Frame tool (something we give you inside the Kickstart book)

1) What is positive about what is happening ?

The kids are excited. We CAN get out. I now know what is required if we ever need to be towed and not to take certain tools out of the van EVER…

2) What lesson can we extract?

Getting stuck can be a GOOD thing… Every breakdown leads to a breakthrough. 

3) How can we apply this moving forwards?

Whether it is fitness or food or work…

What if getting stuck was a good thing?

What if when you get stuck, if you kept going there would be a breakthrough?

But you just give up?

You had 3 good days, the weight on the scales wasn’t moving 

So you gave up?

But what if you were just one day away from seeing the results you wanted?

This is something we speak about inside our Summer Kickstart ..

Giving you the accountability to keep going..(when you would normally give up)

After all, most people know what to do already..

(message me with ‘summer’ and I will get you the details)


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