Fear, Preference, and Confession

You know, most people wouldn’t share what I’m about to tell you

But every morning I have a little fight with myself

an argument if you may

about the things I need to do to get better, be it with my work, exercise, family, food etc..

It’s a little fight between my ‘bosses’ in my head…

The one which goes easy on me and lets me get away with everything…

And the other demanding one…

some days the nice one wins…

some days the demanding one wins…

but you know what I know?


Which makes me HAPPY..

and the thing is

you GET TO CHOOSE which one is on duty…

Here’s a question which might help you make the decision you really want:

“Was my decision based on ‘fear’ or ‘preference’?

You see, I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to speak and educate patients in the NHS on Type 2 diabetes, lecture at Oxford Brookes University and speak at an annual diabetes event…

But once upon a time, my initial reaction would be $#*!… that’s scary. What if I look silly? What if go ‘red’ in the face. Everyone will be looking at me. Am I too young? Do I know enough? What if they know more than me?​​

But here’s the thing:

I could say NO (which would be making a decision based on FEAR).

It would provide me with an initial sense of comfort. Because I no longer have to worry about ‘going red in the face’ or looking silly’ 

But what follows this FEAR led choice, is pretty powerful:

Guilt…about wasting an opportunity

An ‘I can’t” mindset….which makes me pi55ed off at myself…

Which causes stress anyway…

So, the way I see it…

If I’m going to have these thoughts and feel these feelings?

Then I may as well DO the thing.

After all, I WANT to do all these talks. They GIVE me energy.

(a bit like exercise)​​

​​ If I say ‘NO’, I am essentially a slave to my fear. And by saying ‘no’, the fear will only grow.

I can guarantee that living in the future (AKA feeling guilty about not doing something and putting something that you know you need to do off until a later date)…

Is way more exhausting…

So, today, I just want you to ask yourself:

‘Have I just made that decision based on ‘fear’ or ‘preference’?

Matt ‘fear’ Fruci

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