The fast lane diet…


I did the ‘the fast lane’ diet, too

Left it to the last minute

^^^ You know the dreaded few weeks before your summer holiday diet?

Ended up only eating fruit until 1130am

Not eating carbs after 6pm

And ditching ALL white carbs and swapping them for brown because they are ‘better’

You see, as a Registered Nutritionist, I have to PROVE that I’m keeping up with the research by getting my ‘continuous professional development’ in 

Otherwise, I’m stripped of my title (ANutr) …which nobody even cares about anyway as you see Tom, Dick and Harry all calling themselves ‘nutritionists’ on Facebook and Twitter now anyway 

^^^ Which is pretty scary considering they probably did a 3 week course in personal training…


It dawned upon me that I’d kept putting off all of this professional development stuff

You know how it is


I couldn’t be bothered to travel to Bath or Bristol to attend a conference

I’m ‘busy’ working with my body transformation members and giving them new content to GUARANTEE results 

My wife gave birth to my daughter in January

And – all of a sudden – It’s nearly March (and I’m panicking)

Quite frankly, I’m now paying the price

I’ve had to do webinars on an evening (where one night this meant I missed bath time with my daughter…)

And I’m off to Newcastle in a few weeks for a course that I maybe could have attended in Bath or Bristol…(which will be the last course I attend before April)

All because of these ‘stories’ I told myself about why I ‘didn’t have time’ a few months back

So you got me…​

I left it late and wished I started earlier

But the lesson in all of this?

What would be different if you just did what you said would do?

If you answer this honestly…

You’ll KNOW that you’d be fitter and leaner

You’d have more energy (so you don’t have to rely on coffee all day everyday and end up struggling to sleep)

In fact, I can all but guarantee that you’d have more confidence after achieving the things that SCARE you

But why don’t you?

I mean, many of the others will say you’re lazy

But usually, it’s down to FEAR

Be it failure (again), rejection or being laughed it

And here’s what I DO know:

“the longer you put off doing and avoiding the required work…the longer you’re putting off and avoiding the results you say you want”

So, how long is it until you DO what you said you would?

I have no idea how long…

but what I do know

Is that I have a 12-week body transformation programme (Female Fat Loss Mastery) that 100% guarantees you get the results you want (just like my other body transformation programmes)

^^^ As long as you do the work

Matt ‘hypocrite’ Fruci

PS. Applications for my FREE 14-day Lean Up Trial close on Sunday 26th February 

I have 4 spaces left​​​​​​

And I don’t now when the next FREE trial will open up again

So unless you’re ready to go all in on my Female Fat Loss Mastery 12-week Body Transformation Programme…

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