Lessons from an 86-year old

“The only failure…is not to try”

^^^ Great words from none other than…

Sister Madonna


‘The Iron Nun’

The 86-year old woman who completes triathlons which consist of:

* A 2.4 mile swim

* A 112 mile bike ride

* A 26.2 mile run

She first started running when she was 48.

^^^ Not 4…48!

She incorporates her training into her everyday life to make it more sustainable

^^^ which is crazy given the amount of training you have to do for these triathlons (not that I’d know…I wouldn’t go near one of these…)

She runs to her church….

Bikes 40 miles to a lake “near” her house to swim 

And did her first triathlon in 1982 at the age of 52!

She holds the record for the fastest time in the 80-84 year old category (which she set at the age of 82!)

Sister Madonna admits that she’s had her setback and injuries


finishes things off with some even wiser words:

“Your effort in itself is a success”

Because the truth is, there is no failure. 

Particularly if you’re assessing. 

As what you assess can be managed. 

You learn, adapt and push forward.

You then go again for more. 

Maybe your new ‘comfortable’ body fat is lower than it was before and you’re ready to go again and lose more!

And back to the topic of ageing well…

I attended a talk from Professor Dawn Skelton of Glasgow Caledonian University last week on ageing well. 

The conclusion:

Eat your steak and lift some weights!

And…do it now because it’s never too late to start!

Speak soon,

Matt ‘motivation Monday’ Fruci

PS. I spoke more about why you should be eating protein to lose fat here.

PPS. You can check out Sister Madonna here:

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