Ever heard of the ‘what if’ diet?

A message I got this week from a new member on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme:

“The nice thing was doing ‘what if?’ and seeing that I have plenty of carbs left to do a smoked salmon sandwich to eat after exercising.

No bloating or hunger pangs whatsoever so far.”

And by ‘what if?’, I mean seeing how you can balance your food intake to cater for:

* The foods you enjoy

* Social situations

* Weekends away

* Long working days where you might have to eat on-the-go if you get stuck


Being prepared without…being prepared (if that makes sense)

It allows you to ‘wing it’ in quite a ‘half-assed’ way

So it become flexible and sustainable for you. 

I do this whenever the wife’s cooking (we rotate…but I’m the better chef. Don’t tell her I said that. The truth hurts)

Yesterday, she did a lamb and mint stew (which is was amazing! Very wintery and warm!)

So I adjusted my food intake throughout the day so I could enjoy pretty much whatever ‘the boss’ threw in there.

And you know the funny thing?

Back when I didn’t understand the basics of how diet really impacts how you look and feel…

I might have said ‘I can’t eat that’.

Now, of course, certain stages on a diet for weight loss, ditching the bloated stomach and improving your skin and energy levels mean you have to make sacrifices sometimes. 

There is no getting around that

You can’t just eat anything and everything all of the time (as you know)

But, it depends on what you want and how quickly you want to get there. 

Because your answers to the above dictate what process you need to go through.

Which is exactly what we discuss in your strategy meeting to help you devise a plan that will get you leaner, in control of your hunger, and feeling more confident about the way you look and feel 

Speak soon,

Matt ‘what if’ Fruci

PS. I’ll share Mrs Fruci’s recipe for the lamb and mint stew soon 

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